Redu(p)cer : I have a (bit)crush(er) on you !

This is it, hollidays over, back to work again !

To begin softly and nicely, let's have a look on Morfiki's Redu(p)cer
A strange name for a realy nice plugin !
It's light, easy to use, and most of all, it sounds. That's my favourite trio hehe.
Unlike many other beatcruchers and sonic destructors, whatever you make with it, it keeps a real musicality. I mean, you'll never had an unusable sound, and it's quite fat as a bonus.

Go to the editor webpage to listen to some mp3 demos to be convinced
(oh, and don't miss the other VSTs, thay are worth trying too)

Windows only

Browse VST for free to get free VST instruments and effects, handmade selection !
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